Hillary Vs Donald debate, New York, 26 Sep 2016. Who won?

But let me take you back a bit into history, before you answer.

Kennedy Vs Nixon debate, Chicago, 26 September 1960. The first televised Presidential debate in American history. Nixon was sharp, brainy, and an accomplished debater. A trial lawyer known for rubbing his opponent’s nose into muck, he was acknowledged and feared for his debating skills. He had bagfuls of political experience: Vice President of the US for eight years and before that a Congressman/Senator for seven years. He had a lead in the opinion polls.


Kennedy was young, catholic (except for him, no other catholic President, ever), and  an almost unknown second-term Senator. Not even his most ardent supporters pretended that he was an intellectual or had great debating skills.

Nixon addressed every point that Kennedy raised and tore it to pieces. But he  had been sick and had lost weight. He had a 5-o-clock-shadow and a frown. Kennedy addressed the audience, not the points. He was tanned, smiling, telegenic.

Nixon campaigned on his experience;  Kennedy called for new blood.

Those who listened to the debate on the radio thought Nixon had won. Those  who watched the debate on TV thought Kennedy was the clear winner.

Who do you think won that debate and the Presidential election?

[“Without the nation’s first televised debate — fifty years ago Sunday — Kennedy would never have been president.” –  Time Magazine, in 2010]

Hillary is fighting on her experience. Trump on: “My strongest asset is my [winning] temperament.” In the debate, Hillary was calm; Trump under-prepared, meandering and angry. Both were often wrong in citing facts in their favor.

Who do you think won this debate in electorate’s perception?


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