Touch The Sky With Glory

IAF turned 84 today. Established on 08 October 1932, its  first aircraft flight  came into being on 01 Apr 1933 with 25 men and  four Wapiti IIA biplanes.

But well before that, Indians had touched glory in air war. In World War I, Indian pilots won bravery awards: 01 DFC and 01 MC. In WW 2, Indian pilots won 27 bravery awards: DSO, DFC and AFC. This saga of bravery was continued in the conflicts in J&K in 1947, China 1962, Pakistan 1965 and 1971, Sri Lanka 1987, Siachen  and Kargil 1999 winning 226 bravery award including one PVC, the highest bravery award.

IAF has also done yeoman’s job during calamities to help the affected.

With about 1,70,000 persons and 1,500 aircraft, IAF is the fourth largest air force in the world; and the seventh strongest. With the induction of Rafael fighters, C 7 Globemaster III transports, and CH-47F Chinook helicopters, IAF will become stronger still.

When India becomes the third greatest power in the world by 2035-2040, IAF will play a pivotal role in projecting India’s military power.

Let’s all join in wishing IAF a happy anniversary.


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